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About LandfillOnline

LandfillOnline is to be an actuell guide through the internet and help to find information on

  • landfills, landfilling, landfill technology
  • mechanical-biological pre treatment of waste prior landfilling (MBP)
  • remediation of abandoned waste site

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LandfillOnline should save your money, searching for topicals in the above mentioned issues instead looking for information in libraries or your paper files.


In the web site LandfillOnline you will find most interesting and most important data and facts mainly from Germany (in the opinion of the author).

LandfillOnline is a sister of DeponieOnline which is written in principle for Germans, but should be useful for foreigner who are looking for information in Germany.

By clicking at

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you will go back to the content page of LandfillOnline in English. By clicking at the German flag you will move to the German Inhaltsverzeichnis.

There are not as many English pages in LandfillOnline as in the German version DeponieOnline.

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